The State of Brand Storytelling in the Age of the Connected Consumer

Brand storytelling has undergone an evolution in the years since it first entered the marketing lexicon. At first, brand storytelling was something brands did to set themselves apart. Sharing the story behind your company gave you a mark of distinction – it let customers know that you took pride in being transparent, open, and honest […]

How Tech Startups Can Use Video Marketing to Catapult Their Brand

Startups can’t settle for anything less than massive growth. Without fast, revenue-generating results, startups risk their funding drying up as investors seek big returns on their money and are now much more cautious about mistakenly backing unicorns. Of course, the foundation of any company’s success is having a stellar product of service. But startups can’t […]

Top 10 Social Media Tactics for Promoting Your Brand for Free

Top 10 Social Media Tactics for Promoting Your Brand for Free

The days of gaining a sky-high organic reach on social media without spending a dime may be gone—but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on social just because you don’t have a huge ad budget. In fact, there are still plenty of tactics—all free, may we add—that a brand can and should be […]

6 Storytelling Secrets for Forging Connections with Your Customers

Storytelling is as integral to digital marketing as pictures to a picture book. You can have all the clever tweets, amazing hashtags, and beautifully styled Instagram photos you can come up with, but if there’s no cohesive brand story behind them, they won’t win you loyal followers. Why? Because you can’t build a connection with […]

The Immense Power That Virtual Reality Can Have for Your Brand

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that virtual reality is being used for a whole lot more than scaring the pants off of gamers with apocalyptic zombie games. Manufacturers are using VR and its cousin, augmented reality (AR), to help employees learn how to operate high-tech machinery. Medical universities and hospitals are using VR […]